Broadcast Supreme Bundle


Supreme Bundle

All you need for complete
Dolby E, Dolby Pro Logic and
Dolby Digital workflow
in Pro Tools in one complete package.

SAVE OVER $1,600

SoundCode Dolby E Encoder
SoundCode Dolby E Decoder
SoundCode Stereo LtRt Encoder
SoundCode Stereo LtRt Decoder
(Dolby Pro Logic IIx)
SoundCode Dolby Digital Preview
SoundCode Dolby Digital Encoder
SoundCode Dolby Digital Decoder



Check out and try out the free trials of the plug-ins
included in the bundle..

SoundCode for Dolby E Encode  •  SoundCode for Dolby E Decode
SoundCode LtRt ToolsSoundCode for Dolby Digital 2

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Broadcast Supreme Bundle  $3,999
Broadcast Supreme Bundle Upgrade
from SoundCode For Dolby Digital 1 - $2,999