V-Control Pro FAQ




General Information

How do I download the Ney-Fi utility?

You can download Ney-Fi here.

What is the best way to see if V-Control Pro works for my specific setup, before purchasing the full version?

We offer a basic, stripped down version of the app named “V-Control Free”. Search for “V-Control Free” on the app store.

Although V-Control Free does not offer most of the functions of the full V-Control Pro version, it does offer the basics and can be used for testing the app in your setup, on your network, with your particular DAW, all before committing to the Pro version.

Are there any other ways to find answers about V-Control Pro?

Yes. Click here to visit the users forum. The forum is divided up neatly into separate sub-forums for each DAW that V-Control Pro supports, so that you can easily focus only on topics that are relevant to your particular DAW.

There is also a general purpose troubleshooting forum. Neyrinck’s support staff monitors the forums on a regular basis and are there to answer your questions.

Is there a way I can request a feature for V-Control Pro?

Yes. Go to the feature request thread on the user’s forum, located here Neyrinck’s staff is monitoring the feature request posts to get customer feedback for upcoming versions, and also respond with feedback on the assorted requests.

Does V-Control Pro have a User’s Manual where I can read about the finer details of the product and how it works with different DAWs?

Yes, V-Control Pro has an extremely comprehensive user’s manual that can be downloaded here

In contrast to many competing iPad control surface apps, we take thorough documentation very seriously and know that many of you expect real documentation in a professional product.

V-Control Pro looks very good, but I have no WiFi in my studio. Is V-Control Pro CoreMIDI compatible?

V-Control Pro does not support CoreMIDI and we do not plan to add support because of these reasons:

  1. CoreMIDI uses a physical MIDI connection which is low bandwidth. When all the meters are moving, response is sluggish. WiFi is much faster.
  2. You can not charge the iPad while using it with the CoreMIDI.
  3. It is not portable, since it requires physical cabling.

  4. You can add a WiFi access point to a studio for less than $50 and avoid all of the problems typically associated with CoreMIDI.

The cheapest MIDI solution we have found is to buy two separate basic MIDI interfaces, such as an M-Audio “Uno” adapter or similar with, one connected to the computer and one connected to the iPad. Basic MIDI interfaces such as these can often be purchased for less than $40 each.

Can I use multiple iPads simultaneously with V-Control Pro?

Multiple devices are not yet supported as of V-Control Pro 1.8. This is a common request and we are looking into.

Can I download V-Control Pro to a family/friend’s iPad then transfer it to my iPad when I purchase one?

V-Control Pro is an app that is purchased through Apple’s App Store and purchases are tied to specific Apple ID’s. Once purchased through a specific Apple ID, it is connected solely to that Apple ID and would have to be purchased again to use on an iPad with a different Apple ID.

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Compatibility and Installation

I use a G5 Mac running Tiger (OS X 10.4). Can I use V-Control Pro?

The minimum OS X operating system that is supported, and required for full operation, is version 10.5. 

V-Control's other features, with the exception of the “V-Window”, will operate on OS X 10.4. However, use of this version of OS X is not officially supported.

Is Ney-Fi compatible with Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite?

Apple has just released OS 10.10 Yosemite. Our initial tests indicate that Ney-Fi and V-Control 1.8 are fully compatible. However, many applications such as Pro Tools are not qualified for Yosemite yet, so we recommend you do not upgrade to Yosemite until you are sure your DAW application is ready.

I have a 1st generation iPad.  Can I use V-Control Pro?

As of version 1.8 of V-Control Pro, iOS 7 is required.  Apple has made many changes that make it difficult to add support to older iOS devices.  If you have already purchased V-Control Pro prior to the 1.8 update you can still use that last version of 1.7.  We may add support for older devices but can not announce anything at this time. 

Ney-Fi is crashing on my Mac when I use V-Control Pro. Do you know why?

Please check System Preferences->Sharing->Computer Name. It can not be blank. If it is blank, set it to a name such as MyMac. Some users have reported that when using eyoControl on their Mac, that it can cause Ney-Fi to crash or not behave stable. At this time we suggest you do not use eyoControl when using Ney-Fi.

I've installed Ney-Fi on a Win7 64 bit machine. When I try to launch it, my computer displays an error message that states "can't find msvcp100.dll”

Please download and install these library packages:

I updated my iPad to iOS 7/8 and now V-Control Pro will not work.

After updating to iOS 7/8, the iPad settings are reset, which enables bluetooth.  Please disable bluetooth for V-Control Pro to function properly. 

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Operation and Networking

V-Control Pro is performing sluggish, inconsistent, and slow.

The iPad's Bluetooth feature is not compatible with V-Control Pro. Please turn Bluetooth off in the iPad settings. This is because Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use the same radio spectrum and bluetooth messages will cause interference with the Wi-Fi which will cause V-Control Pro to slow down.

I have V-Control Pro on my iPad as well as the Ney-Fi app for my Mac. However, when i launch V-Control Pro it does not show any Computers under the 'Computer Picker'.

  1. First, make sure your computer's firewall settings are not blocking Ney-Fi. You can see the Mac firewall settings by doing this:

    1. Open System Preferences

    2. Select “Security & Privacy”

    3. Select the Firewall tab.

    4. Click on the lock and enter their password to make changes

    5. Click on 'Firewall options"

    6. Use the "+" icon to add Ney-Fi as an allowed Firewall exception list, by selecting it from the applications folder in the resulting dialog box


How can I make sure that my Computer’s Firewall is not blocking the connection between V-Control Pro and my DAW?

On a Windows system, look for the “Windows Firewall” control panel.

If you have verified the computer's firewall is disabled for Ney-Fi, and V-Control Pro still does not see the computer, check your network router to make sure the ports for Bonjour are not blocked. 

First, check to make sure your router's firmware is up-to-date. See your router's documentation to update the firmware.

Once the firmware is up-to-date, please examine your router's configuration to make sure these ports are not blocked, for UDP and TCP communication:





For more information about Bonjour, please refer to


I cannot control my DAW with any of the transport buttons.

The latest version of V-Control Pro, or the Ney-Fi utility, may not be installed. 

To check what version of V-Control Pro you are running, in the lower left-hand corner of the V-Control Pro, tap the “settings” icon and check the version number, the latest version is 1.8

To check what version of Ney-Fi you are running:

Windows: Locate the Ney-Fi application in Windows Explorer, then right click the icon and select “Properties” from the dropdown menu. 

Mac: Locate the Ney-Fi application in the OS X finder, then right click the icon and select “Get Info”

The latest version of Ney-Fi is  If you have an earlier version, you can download the latest version here

One other note is to check the app's preferences to make sure the transport keys are not disabled. 


V-Window is displaying garbled images. I am using a Windows computer. What is wrong?

Make sure all monitor settings are set to 32-bit.

Can you recommend how I set up WiFi for low latency with V-Control Pro?

We recommend a wireless-N dual band router such as the Netgear N600. 

Enable 5 GHz WiFi on the router and connect it to your DAW computer by Ethernet. 

The Ethernet cable can be very long so you can move the router to the center of your studio. 

We have used this configuration at trade shows and get very high performance, even with hundreds of other WiFi networks all around us.

There is no edit button at the right side of V-Control Pro. Where is the edit button?

1. Tap the multi-panel view button at the lower right. 

2. The multi-panel window will slide into view.

3. Tap the choices button upper left and choose Edit.

V-Control Pro has a lot of latency when I move the faders. Why is that?

Please make sure Bluetooth is OFF in the iPad settings, as there are some issues in iOS where Bluetooth operation can increase the latency times with the WiFi connection. 

Does V-Control Pro allow you to mute more than one track at once? If so what is the limit?

V-Control Pro on iPad supports multi-touch which means up to eleven touches can be tracked (ten fingers plus your nose :)). So, yes, you can touch multiple mute buttons.

V-Window is not controlling my waves plug-ins correctly. Is there a solution?

We have reports that Waves plug-ins don't control correctly when on a second monitor. Move them to the primary monitor to get correct V-Window control.

What is the latency using V-Control Pro?

The latency depends upon the performance of your WiFi network. WiFi is a shared system so other computers and WiFi networks can degrade performance. Many customers using V-Control Pro have told us that they are very impressed by the performance.

For the lowest possible latency, we recommend you use a computer-to-computer WiFi network (ad hoc network). Alternatively, if your computer is connected by Ethernet to a WiFi router, that can help achieve low latency also.

However, if both your computer and iPad talk over WiFi to a WiFi router, then latency increases because a network message has to hop from the iPad to WiFi router over WiFi, and then from WiFi router to computer over WiFi again.

V-Control Pro is no longer working with my computer-to-computer network. Why?

Earlier versions of iOS 6 had some WiFi issues that affected the iPad operation in a computer-to-computer network. Apple has corrected these issues in newer updates to iOS 6, so all V-Control Pro users should make sure to update to the latest version of iOS 6.

This can be done by selecting the “Settings” app on the iPad, and then selecting the “General” tab. The right hand side of the screen will show a “software update” option that can be selected.

I am on Windows 7/8 and the computer does not show up in V-Control Pro.

Check to see if the Bonjour Service is running:

In the Start Menu, right click Computer.
Select "Manage".
Double click "Services & Applications".
Open "Services".

If it is disabled, please enable as it is needed for V-Control to function properly.


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Why doesn't V-Window support gestures to zoom and move the position?

We originally implemented V-Window to "adjust" using a pinch gesture and 2-finger drag at any time. And it was cool except that V-Window was slow to respond when controlling knobs, etc. When the iOS has to make a decision about what kind of gesture your are making (in these case single finger drag, two finger drag, or a pinch), it will wait a bit and watch what the touch(es) are doing and then finally decide which gesture it is so the software can then act upon it.

But a pro audio engineer expects adjust a knob or slider immediately and quickly. The only way that can be done is to make a separate "Adjust" mode so that V-Control can send mouse-down, move, and mouse-up messages immediately.

When we came to this realization, it was a very painful decision to redesign it and invent the "adjust" mode. I knew people would expect it to just pinch and pan like photos do and I really, really wanted it to. But we had to make this tradeoff so that V-Control can be very responsive. 

How does the V-Window work when entering text? Can you type in to a dialogue box with the standard onscreen iPad keyboard?

V-Window does not provide text entry in version 1.8. V-Window is designed primarily to let you control knobs, buttons, and sliders so you can better use the natural interface of plug-ins and instruments. 

Is V-Window good for video playback for remote foley recording?

No. V-Window is designed to provide responsive control of plug-ins, instruments, and other windows with buttons, knobs, and sliders controls.

I accidentally moved V-Window off the iPad screen and now I can't drag it back.

As of now, you will have to reinstall the app to get the window back to the center.  To do this, first delete the app from your iPad and then reinstall it from the app store. 

If I close the window on my computer that is being viewed by V-Window, it loses the image on V-Window as well. 

V-Window will translate the images of open active windows on the computer only. Once a window is closed, such as a plug-in window, V-Window will no longer be able to display it. For a workaround you can drag the window off screen, but keep it opened and it should appear on V-Window still. This will not work on an OSX like Mavericks and later due to the behavior Mavericks has with screen sharing.

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Pro Tools

I am having trouble setting up Pro Tools. Can you help?

We have a video for setting up Pro Tools. Also, check the Troubleshooting information at

V-Control Pro is not controlling Pro Tools even though everything looks to be set up correctly.

Be sure you have updated to version 1.8 of both the Ney-Fi utility and V-Control Pro. 

 I have set up Pro Tools to be use with V-Control but Pro Tools is responding erratically. What is wrong?

The setup in Pro Tools might not be correct. Ney-Fi provides three MIDI devices. You should enable all three MIDI input devices. You can only set up one HUI controller and you must use the V-Control MIDI device. The other two devices are Surround Panner controllers, not HUI controllers. If you want to use the iPad as a surround panner then peripheral #2 and #3 Type popups must be set to "Surround Panner." If you do not want to use the iPad as a surround panner, then set #2 and #3 Type to "none". 

I upgraded to Pro Tools 10/11 and now V-Control Pro does not work. The V-Control Pro MIDI input does not show up as an available MIDI source for a HUI controller.

Pro Tools 10/11 requires you to re-enable the V-Control Pro MIDI input in the Setup > MIDI > Input Devices dialog. 

Is V-Control Pro compatible with Pro Tools 10/11?

Yes. V-Control Pro is compatible with the full version of Pro Tools 10/11 and Pro Tools HD 10/11. 

Note that Avid now offers another, more limited version of Pro Tools 10 named "Pro Tools Express”. This version ships with Mbox 3 audio interfaces as well as assorted M-Audio and Akai brand audio interfaces and keyboards.

Pro Tools Express does not support the “HUI” control surface protocol that V-Control Pro uses to interface with Pro Tools, and thus is not compatible with V-Control Pro.

For Pro Tools Express owners who wish to use V-Control Pro, Avid does offer an upgrade to the full version of Pro Tools for $400


HUI is not available as a controller to select in the Pro Tools MIDI Peripherals dialog. I am using Pro Tools 9.0.

You will need to upgrade to pro Tools 9.0.3 or later. This small update adds back the HUI Controller profile that was missing in the initial release version of Pro Tools 9.


V-Control Pro’s keypad pop-up window is not working for me with Pro Tools. Am I doing something wrong?

Pro Tools must be the front-most application on your computer for the keypad to operate.

The dual surround panner for Pro Tools does not display the current pan position. Why is that?

V-Control uses Pro Tools' Surround Panner protocol which was originally developed for joystick controllers. The protocol does not provide a way for V-Control to display the current pan position.

I am trying to set up V-Control's dual surround panner controllers in Pro Tools. But Pro Tools does not have the surround panner as an available option in the Peripherals dialog. What is wrong?

The surround panner is only available if Pro Tools supports surround mixing. You will need Pro Tools Native, HD, or the Complete Production Toolkit. 

Note that Pro Tools LE does not provide surround panning and mixing. To add surround panning and mixing to Pro Tools LE you need to buy the Avid Complete Production Toolkit.

Metering is not working with V-Control Pro when I use it with Pro Tools and I am using another controller such as MC Mix.

This is a bug in Pro Tools that we have notified Avid about. And we have added it as a request at Please go to
and add your vote to fix this. One customer has reported that this bug does not happen when using the Artis Transport. 

How does the SAVE button operate with Pro Tools?

When V-Control Pro is controlling Pro Tools, the SAVE button is lit if the session has changed from its currently saved state. To perform a save operation, touch the SAVE button. The SAVE button will flash when first pressed, indicating the Save process has been armed. To complete the Save process, press the SAVE switch again. To abort the Save process, touch the Escape button.

Will V-Control Pro work in harmony with Pro Tools and a D-Command / C24 / Pro Control?

Yes, but with some limitations. Pro Tools supports using V-Control Pro simultaneous with an ethernet controller such as D-Command, C24, and Pro Control. But the two controllers are always banked to the same channels and V-Control Pro is banked to the left eight channels of the ethernet controller. Also, the plug-in editing in V-Control Pro will be disabled. Also, Pro Tools does not transmit metering to V-Control. Avid has verified that Pro Tools does not send metering to secondary controllers. We urge you to go to
Search for "Enable Metering In Second Controller" and vote to get Avid to fix this. To make V-Control Pro operate as an independent controller you can temporarily disable the ethernet controller in Pro Tools. 

Will V-Control Pro work in harmony with Pro Tools and a Command 8 controller?

Pro Tools currently operates with one MIDI controller at a time. Thus you can not use V-Control Pro to control Pro Tools while a Command 8 is enabled for control. But V-Control Pro is still very useful because it is wireless and can move around the studio. Here is the procedure to switch between controllers:

Switch From Command 8 To V-Control Pro

  1. Open the Pro Tools Peripherals dialog and select MIDI controllers.
  2. Change Type to HUI, and change MIDI input and output to V-Control Pro.
  3. Launch V-Control Pro on the iPad

Switch From V-Control Pro To Command 8

  1. Open the Pro Tools Peripherals dialog and select MIDI controllers.
  2. Change Type to Command 8, and change MIDI input and output to your Command 8 midi connection. 

 Will V-Control Pro work with Pro Tools X.X.X?

V-Control Pro works with almost any Pro Tools system that supports the HUI protocol which has been around since Pro Tools 6. We officially support Pro Tools 7 HD/LE or later including Pro Tools 11. 

How do I access memory locations using the keypad?

  1. Touch the "Recall Mem Loc" button (period)
  2. Enter the location number
  3. Touch the "Recall Mem Loc" button (period)  

Can you assign channel sends with V-Control Pro?

Yes, you can assign sends A-E with V-Control Pro.

  1. Select a send A-E that you would like to assign.
  2. Touch the Edit button to display the Edit popover.
  3. Touch the Assign button.
  4. Using a rotary encoder control on a channel, adjust the encoder until you have selected the desired bus
  5. Touch the Assign button again.

Why does it always show stereo tracks in Pro Tools when I have mono tracks?

V-Control Pro uses the HUI protocol which does not indicate if a track is mono or stereo. And HUI protocol provides two meters per track so we display both so that is a track is stereo, you will get stereo metering.

After updating to Pro Tools 11.3 V-Control Pro has lost functionality.

Some users have experienced issues after updating Pro Tools to 11.3. One fix is to trash the Pro Tools preference files which allow the HUI MIDI drivers to be setup again.

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Logic Pro

I am having trouble setting up Logic Pro. Can you help?

We have a video for setting up Logic. Also, check the Troubleshooting information at

I am using Logic and I don't see all my tracks in V-Control.

Logic defaults the Channel Strip View Mode setting to Arrange and displays the Arrange window tracks on a control surface. You can place all tracks in the Arrange window. Or in the controller setup window in Logic you can set Channel Strip View Mode to All to see all tracks. 

I am using Logic and when I bank or scroll it goes all the way to the left or right ends of the mixer. I can't see any tracks in between. What is happening.

Please open the control surfaces setup window and change the Relative Change Mode parameter from Coarse to Full or Fine.

I use Logic with V-Control Pro. I updated to version 1.8 and now I don't see the "Plug-in" & "Edit" buttons on the right-hand side. What happened?

They were moved. Select the MultiPanel view at the lower right. Then tap on the view select button at the upper left of the toolbar, next to the full screen button. In addition to V-Window, you will see Edit, Plug-In, and the new Instrument editor.

I am using Logic and I can see all activity including meters levels names etc., but cannot control anything from the iPad.

We have seen issues with Logic where it requires things to be launched in a certain order. Try this:

  1. Quit V-Control Pro. Quit Logic. Quit Ney-Fi.
  2. Launch Ney-Fi.
  3. Launch Logic.
  4. Launch V-Control.

I am using Logic 9 and V-Control Pro does not scroll channels correctly and operates erratically. What is wrong.

Do you have another controller set up in Logic->Preferences->Control Surfaces->Setup? We have seen Logic behave strangely when multiple controllers are set up. Please delete all controllers and set up V-Control as the only controller.

I am using V-Control with Logic 9. Everything seems to be working fine except the metering. What is wrong?

V-Control is not compatible with Logic in 64-bit mode. Logic must run in 32-bit mode to be compatible with V-Control. It is a bug in Logic that we have submitted to Apple to fix. To run in 32-bit mode, select Logic in the Finder and select Get Info. Then check the 32-bit mode checkbox.

When I run V-Control with Logic it is connecting fine but not operating correctly such as with banking and send level display.

Logic has a bug where it does not work with an OSC-based controller unless the OSC-based controller is at the top of the controller setup list. V-Control uses OSC messaging so it needs to be the first in the list. To fix the problem, remove all controllers and re-launch V-Control and set it up again. Then you can add other controllers to the setup below V-Control.

What is the earliest version of Logic that is compatible with V-Control Pro?

V-Control Pro is only compatible with the  version 9 of Logic Pro and Logic Express. This is due to the fact that we interface with Logic using the very flexible “OSC” Protocol, which was only added to Logic starting with version 9.

I updated to V-Control Pro 1.8 and now there is no "Scrub" Window for Logic 9. Is this a bug?

The jog/scrub has been moved to the counter in the transport area at the bottom. 

To jog, simply slide your finger left/right along the time counter.

To scrub, tap the pause button, then slide your finger left/right along the time counter.

Ney-Fi crashes as soon as I open Logic. Why is that?

Some users have reported this issue and it was a result to the Computer name being blank.  Please go to “System Preferences/Internet & Wireless/Sharing” and type a name such as MyMac for the “Computer Name”.

Is V-Control Pro compatible with Logic X?

V-Control 1.8 supports Logic X with a couple limitations. To control Logic X, just select V-Control's Logic 9 mode for control. There are two limitations. First, the user interface looks like Logic 9. Second, the scrub/shuttle control is not working consistently. We have requested fixes from Apple but they have not committed. But all the other features, including V-Window, work great with Logic X.

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I am having trouble setting up SONAR. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, in the SONAR section of the Neyrinck support forums here

I set up SONAR for V-Control Pro and it works except for metering. What is wrong?

V-Control Pro uses the “Mackie Control” protocol to interact with SONAR, and SONAR defaults metering to be off for Mackie Control surfaces. To enable it, select the Utilities menu within SONAR, and select Mackie Control - 01. Look for the “Options” set of controls, then change the “Meters” popup to display the option you prefer.

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Studio One

I am having trouble setting up Studio One. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Studio One section of the Neyrinck support forums here

end faq


I am having trouble setting up Cubase/Nuendo. Can you help?

We have a video for setting up Cubase/Nuendo that you can view here

Does V-Control Pro work with the new mixer in Cubase 7?

We have now tested V-Control Pro with Cubase 7's new mixer and it works fine. 

Two things to note when using the V-Control Pro Cubase skin:

Mixer Zooming: When the Cubase 7 mixer window is in focus, and the Edit window is open in V-Control Pro, the cursor diamond left and right arrows adjust the width of the mixer channels when the center square is selected and is green.

In Cubase 6 these cursors always adjusted horizontal width of the tracks in the main project window.

Track Hiding: Cubase 7 has a new feature to individually hide tracks. However, all tracks appear in V-Control Pro. In order to rectify this issue, Steinberg would need to improve their HUI controller support to not display hidden tracks on the controller.


When using V-Control Pro with Cubase, I get uncontrolled MIDI events, resulting in noise as soon as I arm a track. What is wrong?

In Cubase's MIDI Port Setup, the 'In ALL MIDI' check box must be unchecked, so that CUbase does not use it as MIDI input for other things besides the HUI controller.

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Final Cut

I Am having trouble setting up Final Cut Pro 7 with V-Control Pro. Can you help me?

We have created a video you can view here: and also more assistance can be found on our user forum: 

My Macbook has no F13-16 keys. How do I set the commands for the min Final Cut to be controlled by V-Control Pro?

Final Cut's keyboard customization only shows the keys that the main keyboard has. You can work around this by following these steps:

 1. Connect an external USB keyboard that has all F keys.

 2. Disable the built in keyboard by entering this command into Terminal - sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext

 3. Launch Final Cut

 4. Open the Tools->Keyboard Layout->Customize… window and verify it displays all F keys.

 5. Enable the built in keyboard by entering this command into Terminal - sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext

 6. Customize the F13 - F16 keys. 

After performing these steps, the F13-F16 keys will be programmed for V-Control Pro, even if you don't connect a full external keyboard later.


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Premiere Pro

I am having trouble setting up Premiere Pro. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Premiere Pro section of the Neyrinck support forums here

What version of Premiere Pro and V-Control Pro do I need?

You must have Premiere Pro 2014 as well as V-Control Pro Version 1.8 along with Ney-fi version 1.8.

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I am having trouble setting up Reason. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Reason section of the Neyrinck support forums here

I am not able to control my mixer in Reason, why is that?

For using the mixer within Reason control+click/Right click on the mixer and select "Lock Mackie Controller to this device".

V-Control Pro will be locked to the mixer portion of Reason.


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Abelton Live

I am having trouble setting up Live. Can you help?

There are specific setup instructions, as well as screenshots, shown in the Live section of the Neyrinck support forums here

How do I record arm or or solo multiple channels at the same time?

In Live, by default you are only able to record arm or solo one channel at a time with V-Control Pro. If you solo a channel, and then solo another it will automatically un-solo the first channel. To solo or record arm multiple channels, you must use the Modifier keys which you can access in the Edit window of V-Control Pro.

Once opened tap and hold the Control button and you will be able to record arm or solo as many channels as you would like at the same time.


How do I get Ableton to play from the position I set with the Jogwheel/Scrub?

First, navigate to the section you would like to start at. Then, while holding the "Control" key from the 'Modifiers' in the Edit window of V-Control Pro, press play.  It will then start at the location where you navigated the playhead to. 


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